A Guide To Experiencing The Ultimate Relationship With Your Furbaby

Understand how much you impact your dog with your energy.


Separation anxiety



Unresolved Emotions


Grounding and Balanced Energy


Meet The Author

Heather Szasz has over 12 years of professional dog training experience, as well as 10 years experience as a life coach. Having extensive experience in both dog training and life coaching has given me a unique outlook and ability to be very successful with working with dog mums and their furbabies.

Her mission is to help as many dog mums overcome stress and anxiety and gain trust and respect by giving them the tools that will enable them to experience the ultimate relationshhip with their furbaby.

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“I will be FOREVER GRRRRateful for Heather Szasz & Her knowledge of Human/Dog relationships/behaviors. She helped us so much because I was at a point I didn’t know what to do anymore. We had 4 Dogs & 2 Cats who were all rescues & we Fostered Puppy litters, so we had a lot going on in our home. I am happy to say that I now realize how much our Human reactions effect our Pack & we are all much happier!”

- Kelly Ann9 (St Cloud, Florida)

Heather is intuitively gifted and sees well beyond what most pet trainers are actually taught. She knows how connected and in-tune our pets are to us and how that often leads to unwanted behaviors. This is the key to finding a real solution to bring peace to you and your pets. As a veterinarian with more than 20 years of experience this field, I highly recommend her!! 

-​Elizabeth Nunn (Mount Pleasant
,South Carolina)

Working with Heather gave me tools on how to deal with my excess stress which resulted in being able to lower Joey’s medication and stress level.  He has also started to play more with his toys and listening to commands.   Also, the one on one time with Heather was not only informative but she is a delightful and wonderful teacher.  ​

- Audrey (North Charleston, South Carolina)